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Insomnia Coffee Screnshot
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It is available as a standalone Apple Watch® App, which means it runs directly on your watch, no connection to the iPhone® needed. You can download it from the App Store®, either directly on your watch or using your iPhone®. watchOS® 6 or better needed.



On the overview you can see the status graph, which shows your current (white) and past (dim white) level of caffeine. In green you see how much caffeine you could consume before it get's too much.
Below the status graph you see your current level of caffeine and the time it takes until you will reach a sleep ready level.
At the bottom you have the three buttons to either add one, two or three shots of coffee. Above you see the time at which you'd reach your sleep level again, if you would drink one, two or three shots of coffee right now.

Isomnia main screen
1The status graph. Tap to go to the options screen.
2The current amount of caffeine in your bloodstream and how long it will take to be "sleep ready".
3Shows the time when you will be "sleep ready" again, if you would drink one, two or three shots of coffee now.
4Add one, two, or three shots of coffee to your records.


In the options screen (tap on the status graph to navigate here) you can access the data you recorded and the settings.

Isomnia options screen
1Display the recorded data.
2Navigate to the settings.

The Record List

In the data screen you see your caffeine records from the last 36 hours. You can edit a record by tapping on it or delete a record by swiping to the left.

Isomnia data screen
1The amount of caffeine recorded.
2When the caffeine was consumed.
3The record. Tap to edit. Swipe left to delete.


In the settings screen you can:

Isomnia settings screen for caffeine
Here you can change the amount of caffeine for one shot. The amount of caffeine is measured in mg (milligram). It defaults to the average amount of an Espresso shot (45mg). Adjust it so it fits your drinking style.
Isomnia settings screen for the sleep time
Insomnia needs to know when you want to go to sleep in order to estimate, if another coffee would still be fine. If the default 10.30pm is too early for you, then adjust it to your liking.
Isomnia settings screen for the calm level of caffeine.
As a regular coffee drinker you usually do not need to reach a level of zero caffeine to feel calm. Here you can adjust the amount of caffeine, which is not enough to get you excited.
Isomnia settings screen - start/stop using HealthKit..
Insomnia needs only to keep records for the past 36 hours. That's enough to know, if you will be sleep ready on time. If you want to monitor your consumption over a longer period of time, you can do so by using HealthKit. If it's switched on, the records will be stored in HealthKit and can be viewed using the Health App on your iPhone. Insomnia will still only show the records for the last 36 hours, but your whole caffeine history (as recorded by Insomnia) may be viewed using the Health App.


Insomnia can be either used in together with HealthKit or standalone. When used with HealthKit the data (caffeine records) is stored within HealthKit and can be managed using the Health App. Please refer to Apple's privacy statement and the documentation of the Health App to see how the data is managed there.

When used without HealthKit the data is only stored locally on device and older data is regularly deleted from the device.

In any case the data is only being used for the purpose of the Insomnia to function (calculate the current approximate amount of caffeine in your bloodstream depending on how much coffee (caffeine) you drank). All calculations are done locally on the watch.


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